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Home chargers can be Salary Sacrificed but its important employers have no liability. Talk to eco about this crucial point.

4,000 Installers

Access eco's qualified installer network to find an electrician near you.

100% Compliant

UK government regulation has recently been updated and many chargers are not compliant. eco will guide you to fully compliant best value chargers from top brands.

Away from home

A Rare Event

95% of charging is done at home, given an average UK commute of 40 miles and a 200mile plus range for most EVs.

All in One Card

Sign up via eco for the "Bonnet" card that allows charging across most of the UK charger networks.

Searchable Map

Plot your journeys using eco's UK wide map of every public charge point.

Business Charging


Businesses need to provide bookable charging points to prioritise access to staff who cannot charge at home.

Available Power

How many chargers can be installed varies by office location. Let our experts guide you on what can be delivered.

Installation Tips

Employees want to park once and leave their cars. Multiple charge leads servicing 2-4 parking bays are essential. eco will guide you.

Rolec Qubev

The Rolec Qubev is a new low cost ev charger. Designed by UK based Rolec but manufactured in the far east, it is fully featured and conforms to all the latest ev charger regulations in the UK

Claim back £419.58
with Salary Sacrifice

Rolec Wallpod

The Rolec Wallpod is designed and manufactured in the UK and is one of our most popular and established home charger models. It is only available as tethered or untethered in black and grey.

Claim back £251.58
with Salary Sacrifice

Rolec Zura

The Rolec Zura is a newly offered design that comes with the option of either a single or dual charging socket enabling 2 cars to be charged simultaneously. Additionally the front cover comes in standard covers or is customisable and comes in tethered or untethered options.

Claim back £251.58
with Salary Sacrifice

Information about charging

How are electric cars charged?

Electric vehicle owners and those that opt to lease this type of vehicle can expect to save a considerable amount of money when it comes to charging. Cars are simply hooked to specially designed charging stations and left to be fully charged. On average, most cars should be left plugged in for around 8-12 hours for maximum charge. However, this can vary depending on the battery size and efficiency of the charging station itself. charged. Given the increasing popularity of all-electric cars, drivers can expect to benefit from a rise in charging stations over the next few years. Additionally, charging docks can be installed in the home or even at the workplace, offering more ease and  flexibility in the way your car is charged

What are the benefits of charging from home?

The ability to charge your car from home is one of the biggest benefits of driving an EV. Recent advancements in technology have enabled home charging stations to be installed with ease by qualified electricians on a driveway or garage. It is crucial to plan ahead and ensure that your property has the space for a charging station before leasing or buying an EV. A home charging setup is incredibly advantageous for those that return home each night. Where electricity costs are concerned, charging at home allows drivers to benefit from low electricity rates during off-peak hours. By charging strategically in these hours, your vehicle’s running costs will be much lower.,.

Gaining access to eco's charging network

Here at eco, we don’t just simply acquire electric vehicles for our clients to lease, we also provide charging solutions. It is our priority to ensure clients have access to effective charging solutions in the most convenient locations. To achieve this objective, we help our customers obtain home charging stations and find affordable energy tariffs. Just log in to the eco app to find your nearest charging station!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing about charging?

With lower running costs and hundreds of new EV's available, switching from carbon burning to clean electric vehicles can be smoother than you think. HMRC is encouraging the move with up to 40% discount on EV leases with Salary Sacrifice Tax breaks, and £350 grant towards home or office chargers - isn't it time you made the move?

Who can use the app?

Designed with Fleet Managers in mind, eco app can be used by individual drivers and managers. Connecting drivers within a company to allow Fleet Managers to support and maintain their fleet, whatever the size.

How do I find a spot to charge?

Simply open the app to search for local charging points (or even charging points at your destination). Once you are connected and charging, you will receive updates and notifications when your car is fully charged.

Will my lease include maintenance?

Our leasing packages offer a maintenance option on your vehicle, included within your monthly price plan and tailored to your requirements. If you choose this option, maintenance is included in your lease. If maintenance is not included in your lease, you will need to fund maintenance and servicing.

How much do I pay for charging my EV?

Charging stations set their own price for the use of their stations. These prices are dynamically configured and added to the eco app. All the pricing details are found on the station details page within the app. Prices can be changed by the owners at any time.

Can I extend my contract?

In most cases, yes, you will be able to extend your contract (up to the maximum contract length). Please contact us for a quote, having to hand your vehicle registration, current mileage, required mileage and extension length.

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