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EVs are the "Must Have" perk of employment

Why are EV's the "Must Have" Company Perk

Recruit and retain more staff

Salary sacrificed EV's are worth £14,000 to an employee which equates to a 10% pay-rise. It also releases £10,000 of tied up cash from employees personal cars.

Reduce your carbon footprint

UK business are under both governmental and moral pressure to improve their carbon footprint and creating an EV Green Fleet is an easy step to moving towards carbon zero.

Significant financial benefits

Introducing an EV salary sacrifice scheme saves a business £8,000 per employee on average, for a 4 year lease. This is generated by a 12% NI saving and reclaiming 50% of VAT (10%) which combined gives a 23.8% saving per lease.

*14% saving based on leasing a Tesla Y costing £649 monthly at 42% tax

Benefits of working with eco

Free EV Consultancy

From webinars, explainer documents and employee marketing to payroll files and contract amendments. eco really does it all for you!

Best EV Availability and Price

eco has access to the leading EV lease companies guaranteeing best availability and price.

Making EV Life Easy

eco's App provides tools for charging, energy switching, insurance and ways to value and sell your old car.

How eco can drive your move to an EV

eco Electric Car Organisation provides expert advice to enable businesses to seamlessly transition to electric vehicles solutions for their employees, enabling all to enjoy substantial financial and environmental benefits.

What we provide

We provide businesses expert and independent support and guidance on all aspects moving to a EV salary sacrifice scheme from detailing benefit’s and structuring the salary sacrifice scheme to identifying the best lease provider and charger solutions.

EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Allows employees to switch salary for a lease EV provided through the company which allows significant financial benefits to the employer and employee.

Carbon Saving

Electric cars emit less greenhouse gases over their lifetime than conventional engine cars, making EVs better for the environment. This is even when you consider the energy needed to manufacture and power them.

Benefit from significant government incentives

Introducing a Government approved “Salary Sacrifice Scheme” creates a £235 (23.5%) financial gain on every £1k salary sacrificed.

Download the eco app today

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