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Introducing eco - Electric Car Organisation

As the UK's leading EV Advisory Service, eco helps businesses and individuals find the best lease options from leading Salary Sacrifice lease providers.

Salary Sacrifice EV Schemes are a "Must Have Employment Perk".

Eco provides an end-to-end service - from advice to implementation, that takes all the work off a business, allowing it to implement now.

For a limited time, our services are 100% free, so join today!

Why Choose eco

"Free" independent EV consultancy

Massive tax breaks worth £14,000 per EV

All Inclusive EV - Insurance, Maintenance & Charger

Drive your business towards carbon neutral

Best EV availability and price

Recruit & retain more employees

How much could I save?

Tax Bracket

Value EV


Monthly Cost
After Salary Sacrifice
Saving over 48 months

Mid Range EV

Mini E Hatch 2 Cooper

Monthly Cost
After Salary Sacrifice
Saving over 48 months

Luxury EV


Monthly Cost
After Salary Sacrifice
Saving over 48 months

Need help choosing an EV?

Speak to AI Dave, our ultra-smart computer assistant that can help you find the right EV for your needs and budget.

Why move to a green fleet of EVs?

Electric Car Organisation - Launched to make the switch easier!

Help save the planet

Moving to electric vehicles is the quickest thing an individual or company can do to help save the planet. Cutting emissions by 23%

Massive Tax Savings

Save 14,000* compared to a private lease using the governments generous 28%-40% salary sacrifice tax breaks.

Release Tied Up Cash

Release on average £10,000 cash tied up in your privately owned/leased personal car by switching to a "green fleet" EV provided by your employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does EV mean?

EV stands for electric vehicle. EVs are powered by an electric battery which means that they produce no CO2 emissions at all. Unlike internal combustion engine (ICE) cars which put carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to air pollution and global warming. EVs have no engine and no gears, which makes them very powerful and fast. EV drivers charge their cars in the same way that you would do with a mobile phone, top it up when the battery is low at home or using one of the public chargers across the UK.

How does leasing work?

When you lease a car you agree to pay a monthly fee over a set term for use of the vehicle. When you take out a lease as an individual this is known as personal contract hire (PCH).

How do I drive an electric car?

Just like an automatic fuel car, except the car has no gears. Because it has no gears it drives incredibly smoothly. The only thing you might need to get used to is Re-Gen braking. This is as simple as releasing the throttle.

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