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Living with an EV

The eco app makes this Easy

Charging you EV with eco

Home Charging

The eco app gives you the ability to turn home chargers "on and off" to minimise charging cost by only charging overnight delivering charging savings of up to 66%.

Bonnet charge App

eco work with market leading "Bonnet" charging service, which allows you to charge with one app across all major UK charge networks with via a single payment account

Charge Maps

The eco charge map shows both public chargers and increasingly emergency "Pier to Pier" home chargers locally to you or the area you're visiting

Providing all the other Services you need

Selling Old Car

eco has partnered with Motorway to access instant quotes from 5,000 plus car dealers to buy your old car

Energy Switching

eco monitors dual day/night tariffs in order to recommend the best deal and then seamlessly switches you via our partnership with U-Switch.


Fleet or private insurance can be sourced via the eco app.

Take a look at our app

Download the eco app

Search for the Electric Car Organisation in the app store to enjoy the best of eco on mobile. Manage your charger, vehicle and account on the go.

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Choosing Your New EV

If you're an employee of a business eco operates a "Salary Sacrifice Scheme" for you. Then we can automatically link you via the app to the relevant lease partners portal for you to compare prices and choose your new EV, before making an online order.

eco also constantly reviews all EVs and will list our "Recommended" top options based on value for money, availability and reviews from other eco drivers.

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Your Garage

Enter the registration of your current car so eco can send you:

Quarterly Valuations. eco monitors the value of the petrol carsat on your drive to access how much cash you can release by switching to a brand new company EV carrying only a 2% Benefit in Kind Tax.

EV options for you. Understanding your current cars helps eco contextualise what EV to offer you in the same way Netflix or Amazon "if you like this, you may like..." does.

MOT reminders. eco will remind you when all your MOTs are due.

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Charging Control via the App

On/Off time-based charging. eco allows you to control your home charger directly from the app or via our links with Monta depending on what charger you install.

Office eco provides bookable charging control for businesses that can be used to book work-based charging slots.

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Energy Switching

Best Night/Day Electricity Tariffs. eco expects many new tariffs to come onto the market once the current Government price cap is removed and competition returns to the energy supply marketplace. The best deals will be listed on the eco App.

Switching Providers. eco has teamed up with industry veterans USwitch to make the switch to cheaper EV tariffs quick and simple via a link from the eco to USwitch apps.

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Away From Home Charging

Local chargers. eco takes your home and work postcodes to automatically show the best charging options near you.

Local chargers. Decide where you need to go and eco will show you where to charge en route.

Bonnet. The eco App automatically connects to the Bonnet "All in One" charging app to provide you a simple away from home charging solution.

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