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Very Large Business (100+ Evs Required)

eco provides specialist consultancy services, to support in-house Salary Sacrifice Schemes (SSS). With experts to help and create the required papers to secure board sign-off. Design all the aspects of the scheme, and secure the best supply via partners such as Zenith, Ogilvie, and Tusker, or whatever supplier is the most appropriate. This gives eco access to virtually every EV car type in the country. eco will also provide Charging Solutions for Home, Away from Home, and Office based charging.

Large and Medium (10+ EVs Required)

eco normally becomes an integral partner for the business, making recommendations relating to. · Employee communication strategy to drive EV conversion, including SSS explanation documents and webinar as well as a multiyear marketing strategy including quarterly valuations of existing cars. · Suitability of Early Termination Insurance to remove any risk of loss from leavers of the business. · Employment Contract Amendments. · Salary levels to be offered SSS to reflect affordability and consider minimum national wage restrictions. · Multiple driver policies to allow employees “partners” to also drive the EV. · Charging Solutions for Home, Away from Home, and Office based charging. In general, we think the fully inclusive products (Lease, Maintenance, Insurance, Roadside recovery, and early termination insurance) offered by SSS specialists such as Ogilvie or Tusker provide the best solution.

SME Fleets

Small businesses aren't forgotten by eco. We have several unique options for small businesses, listed below.

eco for Medium and Large Businesses

Let us do the work for you


Explain "Salary Sacrifice" Tax breaks and understand which staff are ready now and who will move to EVs later. eco then helps the business design/implement its scheme and create multi-year employee engagement programs.


eco compares prices and availability from the UK's top leasing businesses, to find the most suitable EV supply partner for a business and then compares other elements crucial to living with an EV such as insurance, home charging and energy supply.


Living with an EV is all organised via the eco App. Services range from selling old petrol cars, obtaining insurance quotes and controlling home chargers, to planning away from home trips based on maps of public chargers.

eco for Small Businesses

Salary Sacrifice for small businesses

eco has trading relationships with a range of businesses willing to handle smaller SME fleets including. Tusker and AFL

Expensing "Private Leases"

Many SMEs find it hard to get "business" leases for use in Salary Sacrifice Schemes due to profit histories, current balance sheets, or simply because many lease companies do not want to least only 1-2 cars to smaller businesses. Private Leases provided by Zen Auto

Other tax-efficient solutions

Expense the EV and only pay 2% BIK (Benefit in Kind). eco can provide the required specialist tax-compliant paperwork (Produced in conjunction with EY, eco's tax consultants). Save 19% Corporation tax. Plus, Save between up to 39.5% Dividend tax (depending on dividends paid).

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