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Rolec Qubev

Angled front view with bag zipped and handles upright.

Rolec Qubev

Product Price

Salary Sacrifice Price From £580

(Price without Salary Sacrifice £999)


This intelligent, modern yet low-cost unit has been designed to provide electric vehicle drivers with an affordable home charging solution, without compromising on quality. Paired with the QUBEV Smart app, you have full control of your charger. From scheduling your charging session for when your electricity is cheapest, solar matching ECO mode and much more. EV drivers can enjoy a seamless charging experience, ensuring their EV will be ready for their next electric adventure.

Additional details

Height : 330mm
Width : 200mm
Depth : 109mm
Weight : 2.8kg
Max Charging 7.4kW
Standby Power : 10W
Current Rating : 32a
Voltage : 230VAC +/- 10%
Socket/Lead : Type 2
Earthing : TruePEN fault Protection
Communication : WiFi 2.4 GHz plus RFID and RJ45
Protection : IP54
Protocol : OCPP 1.6J
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