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Choose the right charger

  • eco has simplified the choice for you
  • Safe, compliant and UK accredited chargers
  • Fully installed by certified installers
  • A range of chargers to suit all budgets

Find an Installer

  • eco has a 4,000 strong nationwide installer network
  • Qualified "OZEV" approved installers
  • Simple online quotation
  • Installed in line with your needs

Salary Sacrifice

  • Sign your employer up for the eco scheme
  • Save 28-42% off Charger and Installation costs
  • All paperwork and Salary Sacrifice processes are handled by eco

Manage your charge

  • eco have partnered with the UKs leading charge management software supplier, Monta
  • Home charger control via the Monta App
  • Away from home charging and journey planning
  • Reduce costs via Electricity Switching

Best Sellers

Safe, compliant and good looking

Rolec Qubev

This intelligent, modern yet low-cost unit has been designed to provide electric vehicle drivers with an affordable home charging solution, without compromising on quality. Paired with the QUBEV Smart app, you have full control of your charger. From scheduling your charging session for when your electricity is cheapest, solar matching ECO mode and much more. EV drivers can enjoy a seamless charging experience, ensuring their EV will be ready for their next electric adventure.

Fully Installed Price:
Claim back £419
net price to you with Salary Sacrifice

Rolec Wallpod

The WALLPOD is an affordable and reliable EV charging unit, which is ideal for both domestic and commercial locations, providing up to 7.4kW fast charging. Manufactured in the UK this future-proof OCPP compliant unit can offer a simple plug & charge or pay-to-charge solution via the EV driver’s smartphone and/or RFID card/fob through any chosen OCPP back-office management system.

Fully Installed Price:
Claim back £600
net price to you with Salary Sacrifice

Rolec Zura

Versatile, sophisticated and packed with the most-wanted smart features, along with never-seen-before customisable aesthetics. ZURA has been designed for both homes and businesses, providing up to 22kW superfast charging. Available with single or dual outlets, making it ideal for businesses and households with more than one EV, or that are looking to future-proof. This OCPP compliant unit offers plug & charge or pay-to-charge solutions via a mobile app or RFID operation through any OCPP back-office management system.

Fully Installed Price:
Claim back £600
net price to you with Salary Sacrifice


Access to 4000 installers

Qualified Electricians

OZEV Approved

Experts in eco chargers

Information about charging

How are electric cars charged?

Electric vehicle owners and those that opt to lease this type of vehicle can expect to save a considerable amount of money when it comes to charging. Cars are simply hooked to specially designed charging stations and left to be fully charged. On average, most cars should be left plugged in for around 8-12 hours for maximum charge. However, this can vary depending on the battery size and efficiency of the charging station itself. charged. Given the increasing popularity of all-electric cars, drivers can expect to benefit from a rise in charging stations over the next few years. Additionally, charging docks can be installed in the home or even at the workplace, offering more ease and  flexibility in the way your car is charged

What are the benefits of charging from home?

The ability to charge your car from home is one of the biggest benefits of driving an EV. Recent advancements in technology have enabled home charging stations to be installed with ease by qualified electricians on a driveway or garage. It is crucial to plan ahead and ensure that your property has the space for a charging station before leasing or buying an EV. A home charging setup is incredibly advantageous for those that return home each night. Where electricity costs are concerned, charging at home allows drivers to benefit from low electricity rates during off-peak hours. By charging strategically in these hours, your vehicle’s running costs will be much lower.,.

Gaining access to eco's charging network

Here at eco, we don’t just simply acquire electric vehicles for our clients to lease, we also provide charging solutions. It is our priority to ensure clients have access to effective charging solutions in the most convenient locations. To achieve this objective, we help our customers obtain home charging stations and find affordable energy tariffs. Just log in to the eco app to find your nearest charging station!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are electric cars charged?

The EV uses a large battery pack to power the motor and must be plugged into a wall charger or an electric charging point to charge

What are the main benefits to charging your EV from home?

It typically takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge an electric car using a Level 2 charger (mounted wall chargers that possess around 240 charging volts). With home EV charging there is no waiting around a public charging point for hours

How much will a charger cost to charge my car?

This will depend on the electricity tariff that you have with your provider and may often vary to whether it is used during the day or at night. For instance, based on an electricity rate of 14p per kWh, it would cost around £8 to fully charge a 60kWh electric car, which could equate to around 200 miles of range. (This is roughly the equivalent of achieving 150mpg in a combustion engine car at a fuel cost of £1.35 per litre)

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