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Salary Sacrificing Chargers

Save upto 40% on hardware and installation costs

Salary Sacrifice Made Simple

Available with your employer provided leased EV

Applicable to all costs of installation of your home charger

eco Supports your employer to enable the Salary Sacrifice process

Salary Sacrifice Your Charger

If your employer operates a Salary Sacrificed EV leasing program, you can also Salary Sacrifice your charger

Your Choice

It is vital that you choose which charger and installer you want for such an important "home tool"

All Costs Covered

All costs are covered by your employer under salary sacrifice leaving you with ownership of the charger

Salary Sacrifice

eco supports your employer to salary sacrifice all the costs which are recovered from your salary over a set period enabling a 40% tax saving

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salary Sacrifice?

Salary Sacrifice is a way to get a charger for your EV as an employee benefit and save on tax. The employee purchases the charger and the employer will use the government backed scheme to offer this through Salary Sacrifice meaning you pay the company back monthly portion of their gross salary, meaning they save money on National Insurance and Income Tax.

Can I use the Salary Sacrifice scheme to pay for my home charger and installation?

Yes you can use the Salary Sacrifice scheme to pay for both your charger and the installation cost

Can I salary sacrifice a Charger if my company does not offer EVs through Salary Sacrifice?

If you company does not have an EV Salary Sacrifice scheme in place you cannot pay for the charger via the Salary Sacrifice scheme

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