Eco Testdrive

Try before you buy with Eco Testdrive. Making choosing your new EV easy.

Why Testdrive?

Living With Your New EV
Longer than a usual test drive, shorter than a typical lease, Eco Testdrive allows you to live with your EV for 1-3 months, before committing to a full lease. Giving you plenty of time to get used to your new car and allowing you, and your family, to make an informed decision.
How Long Should My Testdrive be?
With Eco Testdrive you have time to really try out your new car before signing up for a longer term lease. Your ideal car should have sufficient charge to take you to work and back, pick up the children from school or nip to the supermarket. Basically, your vehicle should help you live your life, without the need for constant charging.
Eco Testdrive
All makes and models are different and can take a little while to get used to. Combine this with the ever advancing technology in electric vehicle development and manufacture, which means every car you step into is very different to the previous one.
Eco Testdrive
Remember that cold weather, use of heaters or charging your phone, and carrying extra passengers will all reduce the car's range on a full charge. Testdrive allows you to truly use your new EV in all aspects of your life and to choose the right electric vehicle for you.

Testdrive your new EV with Eco

Select Your Vehicle
Completely online, pick your new electric car from 100s of models. Choose from Hybrid, Plugin Hybrid and complete Electric, and a wide range of manufacturers - for your ideal electric car.
Personalise Your Testdrive Package
Once you have chosen your vehicle, select the type and level of Testdrive you'd like. With contracts from several weeks to monthly, and with a range of extras to add - your Testdrive is as individual as you are.
Take Receipt Of Your New EV
Once we have completed our checks, your new Testdrive electric vehicle is delivered to your home - quickly, easily and simply. Enjoy trying out your new car!

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