All-in-one charging solution

Never be left without a charge. Eco Charging App is the ideal way to find your nearest charge point.

Public stations
With a UK wide map of charging stations, you can easily find your nearest charging station.
Private stations
Find registered private charging points around the UK to allow you to charge wherever you are.
For Everybody
For companies, fleet managers, employees, customers. Easily keep your vehicle on the road, wherever you are.
Open All Hours
Find your nearest charging point 24/7, with access details and prices.
Fleet wide
Whatever the size of your company electric car fleet, the ECO app helps you easily manage it.
Simply Sign Up
Sign up to access hundreds of handpicked new electric cars. Be part of the EV movement!

Frequently asked questions

What is the best thing about charging?
With lower running costs and hundreds of new EV's available, switching from carbon burning to clean electric vehicles can be smoother than you think. HMRC is encouraging the move with up to 40% discount on EV leases with Salary Sacrifice Tax breaks, and £350 grant towards home or office chargers - isn't it time you made the move?
Who can use the app?
Designed with Fleet Managers in mind, ECO app can be used by individual drivers and managers. Connecting drivers within a company to allow Fleet Managers to support and maintain their fleet, whatever the size.
How do I find a spot to charge?
Simply open the app to search for local charging points (or even charging points at your destination). Once you are connected and charging, you will receive updates and notifications when your car is fully charged.
Will my lease include maintenance?
Our leasing packages offer a maintenance option on your vehicle, included within your monthly price plan and tailored to your requirements. If you choose this option, maintenance is included in your lease. If maintenance is not included in your lease, you will need to fund maintenance and servicing.
How much do I pay for charging my EV?
Charging stations set their own price for the use of their stations. These prices are dynamically configured and added to the ECO app. All the pricing details are found on the station details page within the app. Prices can be changed by the owners at any time.
Can I extend my contract?
In most cases, yes, you will be able to extend your contract (up to the maximum contract length). Please contact us for a quote, having to hand your vehicle registration, current mileage, required mileage and extension length.
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