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Never be left without a charge. Eco Charging App is the ideal way to find your nearest charge point.

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With a UK wide map of charging stations, you can easily find your nearest charging station.
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Find registered private charging points around the UK to allow you to charge wherever you are.
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For companies, fleet managers, employees, customers. Easily keep your vehicle on the road, wherever you are.
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Find your nearest charging point 24/7, with access details and prices.
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Whatever the size of your company electric car fleet, the ECO app helps you easily manage it.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the best thing about charging?
With lower running costs and hundreds of new EV's available, switching from carbon burning to clean electric vehicles can be smoother than you think. HMRC is encouraging the move with up to 40% discount on EV leases with Salary Sacrifice Tax breaks, and £350 grant towards home or office chargers - isn't it time you made the move?
Who can use the app?
Designed with Fleet Managers in mind, ECO app can be used by individual drivers and managers. Connecting drivers within a company to allow Fleet Managers to support and maintain their fleet, whatever the size.
How do I find a spot to charge?
Simply open the app to search for local charging points (or even charging points at your destination). Once you are connected and charging, you will receive updates and notifications when your car is fully charged.
Will my lease include maintenance?
Our leasing packages offer a maintenance option on your vehicle, included within your monthly price plan and tailored to your requirements. If you choose this option, maintenance is included in your lease. If maintenance is not included in your lease, you will need to fund maintenance and servicing.
How much do I pay for charging my EV?
Charging stations set their own price for the use of their stations. These prices are dynamically configured and added to the ECO app. All the pricing details are found on the station details page within the app. Prices can be changed by the owners at any time.
Can I extend my contract?
In most cases, yes, you will be able to extend your contract (up to the maximum contract length). Please contact us for a quote, having to hand your vehicle registration, current mileage, required mileage and extension length.

Need more information?

Many of the hesitations surrounding switching to electric cars relate to the uncertainty of charging them. However, as more businesses look towards a greener future, there has never been a more opportune time to discover the plethora of options available when it comes to eco-friendly travel. Despite initial concerns regarding charge times and access to charging stations, the ever-evolving and increasingly broader spread technology ensures that transitioning to all-electric vehicles is easy and hassle-free.

To enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to exploring electric lease cars, we have outlined some key points that should help alleviate your fears. Here at eco, we possess extensive experience and knowledge about the electric vehicle sector. Not only do we provide businesses with access to cars from some of the leading electric automobile manufacturers, we also provide efficient eco Charge solutions.

The services we offer as part of our ecosystem come with a wide range of benefits, such as our eco Insure deals, and we cannot wait for you to find out more. If you’re looking to transform your business into an eco-friendly focussed business that utilises these vehicles, talk to a member of our team for expert advice and information. Fill out our contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. You’re one click away from becoming a valued eco partner.

How are electric cars charged?

As you can imagine, electric cars are fuelled in a very different and eco-friendly way from cars with an internal combustion engine. Instead of using carbon-based fuels such as petrol or diesel, electric cars require a much more cost-effective method of ‘filling up’. Electric vehicle owners and those that opt to lease this type of vehicle can expect to save a considerable amount of money when it comes to charging. Cars are simply hooked to specially designed charging stations and left to be fully charged. On average, most cars should be left plugged in for around 8-12 hours for maximum charge. However, this can vary depending on the battery size and efficiency of the charging station itself. Charging stations can be located at numerous locations around the country, including shopping centres and supermarkets. Additionally, charging docks can be installed in the home or even at the workplace, offering more ease and  flexibility in the way your car is charged. Given the increasing popularity of all-electric cars, drivers can expect to benefit from a rise in charging stations over the next few years.

Having the ability to charge your car at home relieves a lot of the stress related to being low on fuel. The moment you are home, your car can be hooked up and recharged ahead of your next journey.

The benefits of charging your car from home

One of the biggest concerns for those hesitating to lease or purchase an electric car is the fear of being unable to find or implement a charging station. However, the ability to charge your car from home is one of the biggest benefits of driving an EV. Recent advancements in technology have enabled home charging stations to be installed with ease by qualified electricians on a driveway or garage. It is crucial to plan ahead and ensure that your property has the space for a charging station before leasing or buying an EV. A home charging setup is incredibly advantageous for those that return home each night, as the risk of having no access to a solution is reduced.

Where electricity costs are concerned, charging at home allows drivers to benefit from low electricity rates during off-peak hours. By charging strategically in these hours, your vehicle’s running costs will be much lower. If this solution would work for you and your home could accommodate a charging solution, speak to us for assistance selecting a utility package or for additional information about our eco Charge services.

Gaining access to eco’s charging network

Here at eco, we don’t just simply acquire electric vehicles for our clients to lease, we also focus heavily on charging solutions. We are passionate about ensuring limited range and charging are never problematic, which is why we go above and beyond to reassure our clients by supplying them with everything they need to switch to electric driving. It is our priority to ensure clients have access to effective charging solutions in the most convenient locations. To achieve this objective, we help our customers obtain home charging stations and find affordable energy tariffs. We’ll assist you in gathering the tools you need to start driving an electric car with ease and without complication.

The eco app is a handy companion for saving money when charging your car from home. This app allows our clients to coordinate charging times with off-peak energy hours, ensuring costs are reduced when the lower energy rates come into action.

To help you identify suitable EV charging solutions whilst you’re away from home, we’ve compiled a list of eco-specific charging stations for our clients to make use of when they’re away from home. These charging stations are exclusive to eco customers and give you instant access to more chargers than anyone else on the road. Just log in to the eco app to find your nearest charging station!

Ready to make the switch and become an eco-friendly driver? Get in touch!

To explore our range of premium lease cars and discover exceptionally low lease prices, head over to our EV eco Lease page today. Alternatively, gain more insightful information and advice from one of our experts. To chat, simply fill in the online form or email us at, or contact us by phone by calling 0115 857 6772.

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