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Sell your electric vehicle professionally, from home.

Sell Your Car

Replacing your EV?

Privately selling your vehicle doesn't always go smoothly. From people not turning up, to offering a silly price for your used vehicle. Sell your EV with ECO Sell for a professional service - from your home.


Send your vehicle details to ECO Sell
Using the details you give us, we calculate the resale value of your vehicle. We use the make and model, registration number and mileage of your vehicle.


Accept a purchase price from one of specially selected dealers
Your details are made available to select EV dealers around the UK, who will contact you with their offer. You then compare the prices and pick the best deal for you.


Sign the paperwork and await the collection of your vehicle
Once the arrangements for vehicle inspections and paperwork is completed, the only thing for you to do is await details from the dealer regarding your vehicle collection & payment.


How long does it take to sell my EV with ECO Sell?
You should hear back from interested dealers within 2 days, however, as with any online sale, the age, mileage and condition of the vehicle can make all the difference to the speed at which it sells. Send your vehicle details now to find out more!
Can I sell my private reg vehicle using ECO Sell?
Yes, you can sell your private reg vehicle with ECO Sell. If you wish to keep the private plate you will need to reassign it to another car or to put the registration onto a retention certificate so that it can be sold or reassigned at a later date. This would need to be done with the DVLA prior to selling using ECO Sell.
Is the price quoted when I register guaranteed?
The price that is quoted by our EV dealers will be dependent on the details you give us. After the vehicle inspection, they may offer a different price. The price they quote at the outset is to give you a price to work from.
I still owe finance on my EV - can I sell it through ECO Sell?
As long as the vehicle is worth more than the outstanding finance, you can use ECO Sell to sell your electric vehicle. Please mention this when you send your details and also when you confirm the purchase price with the dealer.

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