The benefits of Leasing Your Electric Vehicle

Find your ideal EV
Leasing your new EV allows you enjoy the benefits of being at the cutting edge of automotive technology, without the experiencing the depreciation in value usually found with a new vehicle. With car manufacturers constantly working to advance EV technology, there is a wide variety of makes and models to choose from. From Hybrids and Plug-In Hybrids to complete Electric vehicles, there is something for everybody.
What about Maintenance costs?
Buying a new electric car outright is typically more expensive than the equivalent petrol or diesel model. Yearly maintenance costs on petrol and diesel vehicles can work out higher than you think. All types of electric vehicles use battery packs or electric motors to move, meaning fewer moving parts. Maintenance costs are therefore lower, as there is no need for an oil change during the yearly service. Advanced technology and such things as regenerative braking also reduce the wear and tear on the vehicle, meaning brake pads last longer on electric vehicles.
What are the tax benefits to leasing electric vehicles?
To encourage the use of electric vehicles, the UK government are offering up to 40% discount on EV leases with Salary Sacrifice tax breaks, along with £350 grant (up to 75% of the cost) towards the installation of home car chargers. Good news for drivers and fleet managers!
Your Car, Your Way
Leasing your vehicle with ECO means you can try before you buy - or you can continue leasing: different vehicles, newer versions of the same vehicle or even newer versions of similar vehicles. With different leasing packages available, you always have the latest version and the latest technology, and can upgrade regularly to keep ahead of the crowd.
Enjoy Your Eco Credentials
Minimal emissions from electric vehicles mean these are less polluting to the environment than traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. Further, manufacturers around the globe are developing procedures and technology to advance the green movement. The future is progressively green. Lead the way with an electric vehicle.
Rely On The Technology
Gone are the days of having to clear the ice off the windscreen or driving in gloves - electric vehicles with timers allow you to program your vehicle so it is comfortable to drive from the moment you get step in. Technology you didn't realise you needed is now as standard across a wide range of electric vehicles. What are you waiting for? Join the EV movement today!

Your new EV - in 3 easy steps

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Select Your Vehicle
Completely online, pick your new electric car from 100s of models. Choose from Hybrid, Plugin Hybrid and complete Electric, and a wide range of manufacturers - for your ideal electric car.
Personalise Your Lease Package
Once you have chosen your vehicle, select the type and level of lease you'd like. With contracts from monthly to 60 months, and with or without maintenance - your lease is as individual as you are.
Take Receipt Of Your New EV
Once we have completed our checks, your new electric vehicle is delivered to your home - quickly, easily and simply. Enjoy driving your new car!

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